Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Speak Fangirl

So when I first entered the fangirl world I did not know the proper talk, so I decided to create a how to speak fangirl here when go...

Fandom- a community y that obsesses over a TV show, movie, book etc. Fandoms often consist of fan fiction writers, cosplayers etc.
Ship- a term used to put to characters together usually in a romantic relationship but not always
OTP- standing for one true pair means that your ship is perfect for each other 
Derp- usually the word used for a weird face or if someone makes a weird face
Feels- a wave of emotion that can't be explained usually excitement

Asdfghjfkl- basically feels times ten
I just can't- when you're at a loss of words
Now I'm going to use them in a sentence this should be interesting...
The Harry Potter fandom is so cool it has so many diverse fans.
I ship fourtris (four and tris) so hard they are just so perfect for each other.
Fourtris is my OTP they were made for each other.
Did you see that derp face Jennifer Lawrence made? It was so funny.
The Mockingjay movie poster came out the feels!
Cecil and Carlos kissed Asdfghjkl!
Philip Seymour Hoffman died I just can't.