Monday, January 20, 2014

Rabit Fangirls and how to handle them

Now being a fangirl I know about fangirling, but for those of you who have never experienced fangirling or watched someone fangirl than there are a few things you should know. When a teen girl fangirls do not go close to her and do not try to calm her down you mine as well walk into a tank filled with deadly sharks. Also if someone approaches her try to save them but if they are within a ten foot radius they are a goner. Now most girls have a signal they do before they fangirl (mine is putting both my hands to my cheeks) if you notice the signal run. In addition there are two main types of fangirling happy fangirling (when there ship kisses, does something cute, when a new book to a series comes out etc.) and then there is mad fangirling (when their favorite character dies, movie is horrible, someone ruins there book etc.). You do not want to even go close when a girl mad fangirl. Hope this helps!