Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Parents who don't understand fandoms

Now my mom has seen the good and the bad of my fandoms and the other day she experienced the ugly of my fandoms. The other day I finished Allegaint by Veronica Roth (I know the book came out a while ago) but when I finished the book I was basically a ball of uncontrollable emotions. My mom hearing my muffled crying in my room came in thinking I accidentally hurt myself. She immediately ask me what's wrong I saying the book. My mom’s reaction to my response was you need to stop reading depressing books... My parents also don't understand why I obsess over these characters, books, and TV shows. Honestly I really didn't know why either but then I realized it’s because I connect to the characters. My mother being the mom that she is said whatever makes you happy. In a way I thought she was going to say so you feel like you’re going to start a rebellion because you have special DNA and you’re in love with a guy whose name is a number.