Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TFIOS Trailer!!!

OMG The Fault In Our Stars trailer came out!!!! I have watched it at least 500 times! I love it the only thing is I don't see Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters, but otherwise it looks really good I'm putting the link below so you can watch it if you haven't seen it! I'm also really excited because it comes out a couple days after my birthday so... WOOOOOOH! so comment your thoughts below \/ \/ \/

Sunday, January 26, 2014


If you haven't herd of Welcome to Night Vale its amazing and you should go listen to it right now!!!!! It is science fictionish mixed with comedy its so awesome!!! If you so start to listen to it start from the beginning you won't regret it! Its funny and silly and I don't even know how to describe it, its just ugh so amazing! Its a podcast and you have to listen to it! Just thought I would share so hum yeah...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Love YouTube

Ok so if you don't like YouTube here's something's that will change your mind maybe. I love YouTube there are so many awesome YouTubers some nerdy and some hilarious but I thought I would recommend some to y'all (some are inappropriate so watch with caution)...
amazingphil (Hilarious and nerdy friends with the YouTuber below)
danisnotonefire (I don't really know how to describe Dan...)
Jacksgap (to funny British twins)
vlogbrothers (this is John Green and his brother Hank)
tyleroakley (funny guy...)
If there's anymore YouTubers that you recommend let me know in the comments below \/ \/ \/

Hey guys

Hey internet sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday I had mid-terms this week and I didn't feel very good ugh! And I haven't really have had time to post. So there are six days left to vote for your favorite ship, and if any of you have any ideas of something I should write about comment below because I would love to hear what you guys want to read about! Sorry this is a short post I will be writing again soon though.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Parents who don't understand fandoms

Now my mom has seen the good and the bad of my fandoms and the other day she experienced the ugly of my fandoms. The other day I finished Allegaint by Veronica Roth (I know the book came out a while ago) but when I finished the book I was basically a ball of uncontrollable emotions. My mom hearing my muffled crying in my room came in thinking I accidentally hurt myself. She immediately ask me what's wrong I saying the book. My mom’s reaction to my response was you need to stop reading depressing books... My parents also don't understand why I obsess over these characters, books, and TV shows. Honestly I really didn't know why either but then I realized it’s because I connect to the characters. My mother being the mom that she is said whatever makes you happy. In a way I thought she was going to say so you feel like you’re going to start a rebellion because you have special DNA and you’re in love with a guy whose name is a number.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things that bother me about fandoms...

1. Tris is dead an Tobias is all alone
2. Everyone ships Everlark and I don't
3. Sherlock season three isn't out yet in the United States unless you illegally download it

4. The ship Petris
5. How Valentine lies to Clary and Jace about being brother and sister

6. All good things are in England
7. Maximum Ride is just a really long series that builds up to what you want to be an epic ending isn't wasn't
8. Augustus Waters isn't real so I will be single for the rest of my life...

9. Malfoy being a horrible person 
10. Percy Jackson movies
11. How fandoms just make you want to cry up in a ball in the corner and cry

comment below what bothers you about fandoms \/ \/ \/

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rabit Fangirls and how to handle them

Now being a fangirl I know about fangirling, but for those of you who have never experienced fangirling or watched someone fangirl than there are a few things you should know. When a teen girl fangirls do not go close to her and do not try to calm her down you mine as well walk into a tank filled with deadly sharks. Also if someone approaches her try to save them but if they are within a ten foot radius they are a goner. Now most girls have a signal they do before they fangirl (mine is putting both my hands to my cheeks) if you notice the signal run. In addition there are two main types of fangirling happy fangirling (when there ship kisses, does something cute, when a new book to a series comes out etc.) and then there is mad fangirling (when their favorite character dies, movie is horrible, someone ruins there book etc.). You do not want to even go close when a girl mad fangirl. Hope this helps!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Thougts on Fandom Movies

Know if you had watched the first Percy Jackson movie and thought wow that was an amazing movie and then read the book and watched the movie again and thought that was the worst movie ever well you’re not the first person. I thought the first movie was not even accurate to the book on a scale of one to ten it was a negative five. The Hunger Games on the other hand was what I thought was one of the most accurate fandom movie ever. I consider this movie a ten. I have created my own scale of fandom movies one being any Percy Jackson movie and ten being The Hunger Games. Anyway just thought I would share...

So what is this blog about?

Well basically my new year’s resolution was to maintain a blog so I'm going to try it. So I will try to post on a regular basis, but I can’t make any promises. Some of you may ask, what is this blog going to be about? Well the thing is I don't really know yet. I’m open to new ideas, but I will most likely be posting things I fangirl over and my obsessions. (Including books, food, music, YouTubers, movies, TV shows, science fiction and other random things) What you need to know about me I'm a akward my fandoms consist of Sherlock, Doctor Who, WTNV, Hunger Games, Divergent, danisinotonfire, amazingphil, and many more I will not list. Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog!